a.k.a THE CORE
OUR MOTIVATION We made this project to have fun while doing what we do best! We own a workshop that makes 'super cool' handmade crystals & meditation pyramids; We want to contribute to Web3.0 adaption for humanity; We want to give love to our community; We are open to sharing value & success with those who join us; We are motivated to raise the consciousness levels through educating people about metaphysical mysteries; OUR COSMIC AGENDA To collectively collaborate in the process of raising the world's consciousness level and presenting findings of forgotten mysteries. To help enhance the inner journey and boost the energy flow of EATHER, a.k.a THE FORCE through our energy tools. To make a worldwide open & community-driven consciousness expansion project that hopes to aid the split between beliefs, close generations gaps, and social group differences in humanity. To open mind and look deeper into all kinds of Woojoo rabbit holes and uncover mythical power held by all species, energies & Space around us. We want to make a safe place for our community to have fun moving forward in the Aquarius age. Together participate in lotteries, games, embark on DeFi journey, learn magic, understand sacred geometry, heal with crystals & gemstones, and uncover other metaphysical teachings jet to be seen.