Who belongs in the guild? HODL PYRAMID guild is a group of individuals who love to collect stuff! "Hodling" doesn't revolve only around crypto. Some of the most world-known hodlers are collecting things like paper money, coins, stickers, stamps, car models and so much more.
In our guild, we are introducing a new type of collection, a new trend. We HODL not just cryptocurrency, NFT, but real pyramids. How to become a member of the collector guild? First, you need to have at least one of our handmade physical pyramid. Pyramids can be bought individually in our Shopify store or on Openssea.io as "Unlockable Content" NFT
What are these special events? We call it, ITO a.k.a Initial Ticket Offering event, where participants can buy 1st manufactured pyramids and receive NFT lottery Tickets as a bonus.
What kind of lottery is a ticket for? So far we are planning to organize 3 types of raffles (Community, Suprise & Bonus lottery). The most common will be the Community Lottery, which is triggered by the number of sales in our online store.