How does it work? For our lottery, we are utilizing POAP a.k.a Proof of Attendance Protocol NFTs as Lottery Tickets. Every one of our raffles is a blockchain-based event that is provable, transparent, and fair in any way. It is powered by the https://poap.fun/ platform. What are POAP NFTs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlOxJ6ntTkI Who can participate in raffle lotteries? Everyone in the public is eligible to collect POAPs through ITO a.k.a Initial Ticket Offering (buy2claim) events. Simply by joining the guild, our discord channel, and holding our POAP NFTs in your Ethereum wallet you become eligible to win extra pyramids. 1 real PYRAMID bought and received + 1 free POAP claimed in ETH wallet = 1 entry in LOTTERY to win more PYRAMIDS How many lottery tickets are issued? Our plan is to not over-saturate the raffles, so every lottery ticket is issued is very valuable. All Tickets are NFTs and can be transferred, sold, or traded on the secondary market. How do get more entries (tickets) in lotteries? Every pyramid belongs to its own " design series". Every design series has its own POAPs that you can get in ITO a.k.a Initial Ticket Offering (buy2claim) events. How often raffle lotteries are organized? We are planning to organize 3 types of raffles (Community, Suprise & Bonus). The most common will be the Community Lottery, which is triggered by the number of sales in our online store.