Frequently Asked Questions
How to get a spot in the lottery? It is simple! TIckets can get through ITO a.k.a. Initial Ticket Offering event. What is ITO? ITO a.k.a. Initial Ticket Offering event in which we offer our community to buy "Proof of Hodl" NFT sets with " Unlockable Content": 1 physical crystal pyramid + 1 unique NFT Lottery TIcket What is NFT with "unlockable content"? After purchasing that reveals to the owner secret information, on how to redeem prizes.
How often ITO is organized? A New ITO event is opened every time we issue a new pyramid design.
How many NFT Lottery Tickets are issued in one ITO? In each ITO will be issued only 15 NFT Lottery Tickets. Can I buy "Proof of Hodl" Sets with my FIAT? Opensea.io is an NFT marketplace, that accepts only crypto! But if you want to buy only pyramid without included NFT ticket you can do so at our store : https://bit.ly/BUY-PYRAMIDS​
What are Tickets used for? [READ MORE] All of our Tickets are NFTs. We are utilizing POAP a.k.a Proof Of Attendance Protocol for our NFT minting. With our NFT you can Join the Guild, Vote and participate in Lottery. If I didn't manage to get NFT Lottery TIcket in ITO but want one really bad? In that case, you have all the rights to buy our NFT on the secondary market if you can find one or wait for the next ITO.